Pasion Flamenco Dance Studio


Welcome to the Pasion Flamenco Dance Studio website. We are Sydney based with studios in Rockdale and Kingsgrove, offering flamenco classes to students of all levels and ages who have a fascination and passion for the music and art of flamenco.

Pasion Flamenco Dance Studio is dedicated to teaching the art of flamenco dance in a friendly, supporitve environment. Alianza Flamenca is a training method applied to teach castanets, zapateado (footwork), braceo (arms) and vueltas (turns), as well as other techniques. Alianza is comprehensive in its teaching and understanding of a large variety of rhythms and dance styles. It encourages students to understand the compas and enables them to choreograph various flamenco dances.

Students who participate range from those wishing simply to enjoy the art form and to express their creativity, to those students wishing to receive a teachers' diploma in the Alianza Flamenca training method. The Alianza Flamenca Diploma courses enables students to obtain constructive input and guidance towards their flamenco dance. Workshops are also offered throughout the year by various flamenco artists.

The dance school holds regular student fiestas which provide performance opportunities to all students, and enables family and friends to enjoy and appreciate flamenco.

Pasion Flamenco invites international guest artists to offer workshops to students. In 1999, Carlos, consultant and a founding member of Alianza Flamenca, worked extensively with Pasion Flamenco, giving workshops and sharing his exceptional choreographic talents. He returns regularly to demonstrate the current flamenco techniques from Spain as well as produce shows. Examiners/assessors for Alianza Flamenca have also included Linda Vargas, Lina Dolores Vega and Hazel Acosta who have come to Australia in recent years to conduct assessments and also provide workshops.